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4 Proven Strategies to Reduce Data Usages on Windows 10

Hey Techie,

How are you guys, today I welcome you to another of my technical post related to computers. As it is very clear from the heading, in this article I will teach you how you can reduce data usages on windows 10.

Do you know, Windows 10 is one of the high data consuming operating system. I also suffered a lot due to this problem. And I am very much sure that if you are reading this post you have also suffered from this problem, and because of that, you want perfect and proven strategies for this.

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Believe me, in this article, I will teach you how to save your internet data. I have used all this method and this method had worked perfectly for me.

When I told my friend Aman and Shuham about this method, they were also very happy. Because they too were facing the same problem.

Now you know why you should use this method.

So without wasting your more time, let’s get started and learn something cool today.

Disable startup application

You don’t know but there is much application that runs in the background and consume too many data. You should disable these applications.

But, now the question is how one can know which application is running in the background.

This is the time when Task Manager comes into the role.

Task Manager is used to doing too many tasks, but in this article, I will tell you one of the features of the task manager by which you can achieve your goal.

On the keyboard press Ctrl+Alt+Delete all together it will open the task manager window for you.

Navigate to the Startup tab and press it. Now, after pressing the startup tab you will see the list of the apps which start running when your computer starts.

reduce data usages on windows 10 task manager
task manager

Disable the app Microsoft Onedrive, because it is not necessary to keep it enable and it also consumes a lot of data. You can also identify the app which you want to disable(which consumes the internet).

Precaution:- Don’t disable the system application, I would recommend don’t disable the app which you don’t know.

Limit Data Usage by Turning On Metered Connection

Connect your PC/Laptop with those wifi connections which you want to on the metered connection. You have to repeat this process if you want to do this setting for different wifi connections.

Click on Setting > Network and Internet > Wifi > hover to your wifi name and then click on the Advance options button.

After doing all the above steps you will see the window like this

reduce data usages on windows 10 set metered connection
metered connection

Here you have to modify two settings. First, you have to turn off the Find devices and content setting and turn on the Metered Connection.

You will see very much improvement after configuring this setting. Metered Connection will limit your data usage.

Note:- Again I am repeating that if you use the internet with different connections then you have to configure this setting for all those connections.

Turn Off the Windows 10 Updates

It is a very common and obvious problem faced by me and many of my friends. And I am sure you might have also faced this too. Sometimes whenever you Switch off your computer after working some time on it, you have seen this notification Don’t turn off your device, the window is updating, and believe it is very frustrating.

Because it may be possible that you are not in the mood for updating your system right now or even you don’t want to update in the near future. And we all know that Windows 10 updates consume too much data. Therefore it will be better if you will turn off the automatic update.

And it also one of the best ways to reduce data usages on Windows 10.

Follow the below steps:-

  1. Open the run dialogue box by typing the win+R button.
  2. Types services.msc and press enter.
  3. It will open all the list of services, from here select Window Update. 
  4. Right-click on the window update > click on properties > select Startup type Disabled > click on Stop button > Then apply and ok.
reduce data usages on windows 10 turn off window 10 update
Window Update

That’s all, you all have to do these simple steps to turn off the windows update.

Turn off Live Tile

Now, you are thinking what is live tile? For all who don’t know, let me clear it. 

After clicking on the Start button, whatever the moving images you see on the right side are the live tile. Whenever you connect your system with the internet these live tiles get updated automatically.

I will suggest you turn off all the live tiles, it will also save your data.

Right-click on the tiles and select turn live tile off, that set.

turn off the live tile
Live Tile

In this article, I have given you my 4 proven strategies which has been very useful for me in saving internet data and very sure that if you will implement this it will also be helpful for you. Further if you have any doubt, please drop a comment I would love to answer you.

Thank you for reading this article, If you like it please share it.

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