20+ Shortcuts for Run Command in Windows

20+ Shortcuts for Run Command (Windows) | You must learn

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I hope you will have been doing well in your life. In this article, I will give you the list of shortcuts for the run command that will make your life easier than before. You can do everything without using Run but when you will start using it, then you will love it.

Sometimes you need to open some applications or utilities every time and you use the older approach for doing this but after reading this article, I can assure you that you will use it.

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How to open the Run dialogue box?

There are two ways to open the run dialogue box. The first one is by keyboard shortcuts and the second one is by clicking on the window button and select the run dialogue box by clicking on it.

  1. By keyboard shortcut: Type the windows button and R button from the keyboard and a run dialogue box will open.
  2. Traditional approach: Click on the start button and select the Run from the list of the applications.
shortcuts for run command
Run dialogue box

Run command shortcuts in Windows

In the below list, you will see some words like cpl, msc, etc. cpl means control panel, and msc means microsoft system configuration. When run command will open then you need to type these commands to run below applications.

Again I am saying you can also open these commands from the start menu but using the run will save your precious time.

List of shortcuts you must know:

  1. control -> It is used to open the control panel.
  2. cmd -> It will open the command prompt.
  3. appwiz.cpl -> It will open the application wizard which comes under the control panel.
  4. timedate.cpl -> Manage the time and date settings directly from here.
  5. mmsys.cpl -> Manage the sound settings. mmsys stands for multimedia system settings.
  6. “.” -> Administrator window will open. Write “.” without quotes.
  7. “..” -> Users window will open.
  8. “\” -> C drive will open after typing this command in the run dialogue box. Write this command without quotes.
  9. sysdm.cpl -> System properties will open.
  10. firewall.cpl -> Configure windows firewall settings from here.
  11. regedit -> It will open the registry editor.
  12. services.msc -> Configure all the services of windows.
  13. calc -> It will open the calculator.
  14. notepad -> It will open the notepad.
  15. winword -> You can open Microsoft word from here.
  16. excel -> It will open the Microsoft Excel in your computer (if installed).
  17. powerpnt -> It will open the Microsoft PowerPoint in your computer (if installed).
  18. gpedit.msc -> It is a group policy editor.
  19. winver -> Now check the version of your windows from this command.
  20. mspaint -> It will open the paint.
  21. chrome -> You can open the Google Chrome (if installed) from this command.
  22. explorer -> It will open the file explorer.

There are many shortcuts of the Run dialogue box which you can use but I mentioned a few of them because these are the most common and mainly used shortcuts. If you have any doubts then please ask in the comment section and I would love to solve your query.

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And if you know some commands which are being highly used then please let me know in the comment section.

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